"I want him to be around, he's my best friend on the team": Austin Reaves praises his teammate D'Angelo Russell

Friday, 19 April 2024 at 22:23
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The Los Angeles Lakers had a fantastic season closure. After defeating the New Orleans Pelicans two straight times and on the road, LA is now prepraring to face the reigning champions Denver Nuggets. In a recent interview, Austin Reaves shared how he feels the team's present, and of course about its future.
LeBron James' team played wonderfully on both games against the Pelicans. With the squad filled with confidence waiting to meet the Denver Nuggets for the Western Conference first round, Austin Reaves had some time to talk about the Lakers' great present and better future.
When asked about the chance of bringing DLO back this summer, Reaves clarified what kind of relation he has with the veteran guard:
"I want him to be around. That’s probably my best friend on the team. We hang out off the court and golf a lot together. We’re constantly in communication and play Call of Duty together.
"He’s been one of my closest friends since I’ve been in the NBA. Obviously, his basketball play speaks for itself with how talented he is and what he can do for our group."
About Anthony Davis' big leap on games played and on the defensive side of the court, Austin said:
"In my opinion, he’s the best defender in the league. I can factually say my side of the story, but then you could look at the numbers of when he’s on the court and when he’s off the court with our unit and see the differences defensively for us. In my opinion, he’s the Defensive Player of the Year."
Denver Nuggets vs Los Angeles Lakers is expected to be one of the most attractive matchups in the whole first round. LA is going to be looking to erase the image left last year, when the Nuggets swept them in the Western Conference Finals. As the rest of the squad, Reaves feels that this time things will be different:
"There’s definitely a chip on our shoulder. They’ve beaten us I don’t know how many times in a row, and they put us out of the playoffs last year. There’s definitely a chip on our shoulder to go in and compete at the highest level and prove everybody wrong, basically," concluded the talented young guard.