Could Bronny James play against his father with a Western Conference rival?

Thursday, 16 May 2024 at 21:35
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Just a few days ago, it was announced that Bronny James had been medically cleared to play in the NBA and that he has every intention of remaining in the upcoming draft. This led to immense speculation that the Los Angeles Lakers would sign him as a way to keep his father, LeBron, happy.
For months, most insiders have stated that Bronny has modest skills at best and might not be worthy of this year's draft. But during the NBA Combine, Bronny has shown off some really impressive skills, surprising some spectators and analysts and leaving many wondering if other teams will attempt to draft him.
Because of this, at least one team aside from the Lakers is contemplating signing Bronny. In a new report for Yahoo News, Krysten Peek said the Utah Jazz are eying the USC star.
According to Peek:
"The Jazz have expressed interest in bringing Bronny in for an individual workout and could be interested in him with the 32nd pick, sources told Yahoo Sports. The franchise has been patiently rebuilding behind the leadership of Danny Ainge, and bringing in Bronny with the hopes of luring a superstar like LeBron could be the jump owner Ryan Smith is looking for to add a spark to the Jazz."
If the Jazz are truly intrigued by James, it means that other teams may soon follow. Perhaps Bronny will become one of the most sought-after draft prospects, regardless of his dad.
The combine has given James a chance to show off his athleticism and defense, two features that are very attractive to multiple NBA teams. By most accounts, he did better than expected so now there is a growing belief that his name could rise through the ranks before next month's draft.
The Lakers seemed like the logical destination for Bronny, but his performance at the combine may have complicated their plans.