Stephen Curry denies fatigue and makes it clear he doesn't need rest: "NO"

Monday, 26 February 2024 at 17:00
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Golden State Warriors star point guard Stephen Curry has dispelled doubts about his fitness and his need for rest, flatly rejecting the idea of fatigue despite his recent dip in performance.
In recent statements, Curry was blunt when questioned about his physical condition, answering a firm "No" to both the question of whether he felt fatigued and whether he felt it necessary to take a night off. His refusal reflects the player's determination to stay on the court and lead his team, even in the midst of challenges and ups and downs.
On his recent dip in performance, Curry took a philosophical perspective, attributing it to the very nature of the game. "That's why they're called averages. There are ups and downs... The standard you set, when you don't reach it, questions come up, 'Are your legs tired?" commented Curry. His words reflect a resilient mindset and a deep understanding of the expectations and pressures he faces as one of the NBA's most accomplished players.

Steph Curry said he isn’t fatigued: “No.” Doesn’t feel he needs a rest night: “No.” On his recent mini slump: “It’s why they’re called averages. There’s highs and lows…The standard you set, when you don’t meet it, there are questions: ‘Are your legs tired?’”

Anthony Slater
Anthony Slater

Steph Curry’s had three rough shooting nights out of the past four. Steve Kerr mentioned he’s looked fatigued. Schedule remains condensed coming up. Sounds possible they find him a night of rest.