Stephen A Smith dropped a huge bomb!: Dallas Mavericks could go after Bronny James to ensamble a super team with LeBron, Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic

Thursday, 16 May 2024 at 02:39
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The Dallas Mavericks could use their second round pick to select Bronny James to convince LeBron to join forces with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, according to ESPN's renowned journalist Stephen A Smith.
As the Texas franchise is still competing in the Western Conference Semifinals, the front office appear to have given some sort of signal that they would use their second-round pick in the upcoming NBA Draft to sign Bronny James, who despite a disappointing college basketball experience, has looked very good at the NBA Draft Combine.
The journalist specialized in basketball, slipped this morning the following message:
"But here’s a newsflash, what I’ve also heard. Bronny James may not make it to the Lakers’ second round pick. Because if a team like the Dallas Mavericks could position themselves to get him in the second round, they’ll take him. Because LeBron said he wants to go where his son goes and if you’re the Dallas Mavericks and you got Kyrie, and you got Luka, and LeBron James is willing to come to big D, that might be the first time something is more popular than the Cowboy"
If this were to happen, we would undoubtedly be looking at the most important signing of the last few seasons. Not only we have not yet seen how far the Mavs can go this season, but if you add a legend like LeBron James to the success they have already achieved and the impressive talent that both Luka and Kyrie have, it would be gigantic.
And what about the Lakers? They could end up empty handed, as they have pledged most of their future to surround the King with a competitive team, and are in the midst of bidding to sign a coach LeBron likes. It's shaping up to be a hot summer in California.