Jonathan Isaac of the Orlando Magic raises some eyebrows with his tweet about Donald Trump

Tuesday, 27 February 2024 at 22:38
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Politics and sports usually don't mix very well and that was proven again by Orlando Magic star Jonathan Isaac. The 26-year-old player drew the ire of some fans online when he made a joke about former president Donald Trump and a pair of shoes.
Trump recently introduced his own line of sneakers, adorned with a big "T" and gold material along with a red, white, and blue design. The shoes were lambasted by those on the left and celebrated by those on the right.
Isaac hopped on Twitter after their introduction to post, "Might wear trump’s kicks just to watch yall go crazy jkjkjk."
A lot of NBA fans also took to Twitter to push back against Isaac's joke.
"Remember when this man stood up while all the rest knelt? Lmao now this. Big MAGA energy," one user said. "this dude just want attention bro," another said. "Ofc he would," another tweeted.
This isn't the first time that Isaac has ruffled the feathers of NBA spectators and fans. A few years ago, he refused to kneel during the national anthem as a sign of respect for the Black Lives Matter movement. At the time, the player stated that he was uncomfortable by how BLM activists urged him to kneel.
Then, in the days of COVID-19, Isaac was one of the few NBA players who refused to receive a vaccine. This also drew protests from certain fans.
Isaac has never been afraid to share his beliefs, no matter who they upset. And to be clear, he claims he was joking about wearing the Trump sneakers. But even if it was a joke, it definitely earned a lukewarm response from some.
Isaac has been averaging 6.2 points and 4.3 rebounds during his 14.9 minutes per game for the Magic this year.