Los Angeles Lakers, keen on hiring JJ Redick despite some contractual issues

Thursday, 16 May 2024 at 01:41
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The Los Angeles Lakers continue in the look for a new head coach. Apparently, JJ Redick is the man targeted for the job, but the things might get complicated due to Redick's job as a commentator on ESPN.
While the roster is on vacation, the front office of the most successful franchise in the city of Los Angeles is working tirelessly to sign the next head coach of the team. Much has been said about candidates such as Sam Cassell or James Borrego, but apparently the one who has the advantage is none other than JJ Redick.
A personal friend of LeBron James and co-host of the basketball podcast that the Lakers star launched a few weeks ago called "Mind the Game," Redick played 15 seasons in the NBA and stands out for the clarity with which he communicates his ideas in the technical section, something that can be appreciated in all episodes of the program.
Redick and James share many points in the way they see the game, something that certainly matters a lot when considering him as a possible coach, even ignoring the fact that although JJ has been interviewed by some NBA teams, he still has no experience leading a professional team.
The King has said that his intention is to play two more seasons, so keeping him happy and providing him with all the necessary means to compete for a championship immediately is essential to retain him.
What's the catch? Well, Redick is currently working for ESPN as a commentator, and is under contract until a new champion is crowned. The former Clippers sharpshooter came to the sports channel to replace Doc Rivers, who left the vacancy suddenly to go coach the Milwaukee Bucks.
Should the Lakers decide to acquire Redick's services, they will have to wait until this season comes to an end before signing a contract.