Patrick Beverley of the Milwaukee Bucks under police investigation for ball-throwing incident

Wednesday, 08 May 2024 at 22:42
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It's been a tough week for Patrick Beverley of the Milwaukee Bucks.
Not only did his team get eliminated from the first round of the playoffs, but he also came under fire for how he treated an ESPN reporter after the game. And to make matters even worse, he also got into an altercation with Indiana Pacers fans in the stands in the closing moments of the game.
Footage caught Beverley having a verbal back-and-forth with the fans before hurling a basketball at them. At the time, it was an ugly incident that was sure to garner an NBA investigation but now there is word that parties outside of the league are looking into it too.
The Indianapolis police are reviewing the footage of Beverley throwing the ball, according to multiple reports.
It's not clear how this will be resolved or if Beverley ends up facing charges. It's also not clear which charges he would have to handle. But one thing is clear: Beverley is in very hot water after the way that he acted out at the end of Game 6.
Beverley has always been a hothead and has gotten himself into trouble again and again throughout his career, facing multiple fines and some suspensions too. But he usually only butts heads with people on the court. By getting into it with fans, Beverley opened the door for trouble with the league as well as local authorities.
Will this have an impact on the Bucks and their opinion of Beverley? Will he even be in Milwaukee next season after this episode?