Michael Malone sends tough message to the Denver Nuggets

Wednesday, 08 May 2024 at 23:30
jokic nuggets 1
The Denver Nuggets are in an incredibly tough spot after losing the first two games of the Western Conference semifinals. While few teams have come back from 0-2 holes, none have rebounded after being down 0-3. If the Nuggets lose Game 3, scheduled for Friday night, they will be in a deficit that, as of now, is impossible to come back from.
Head coach Michael Malone knows that things are dire but he hasn't lost faith in his team. He knows they have talent and plenty of experience in the playoffs. In fact, he is reminding his team that they are still the reigning champions.
Speaking to the press, Malone relayed the message he has given his players.
"I reminded out guys today. 'Fellas, we're the reigning world champions. Act like it and play like it,'" Malone said.
Will that be enough to get the Nuggets back on track and overcome the odds?
That is a tall order because the series is now moving to Minnesota, where Timberwolves fans will be eager to root for their team and make life miserable for the Nuggets. Denver lost their first two games at home, which was a stunning defeat that few people saw coming. All season long, the Nuggets have been one of the best home teams in the league but that all fell apart during these last two games.
The Nuggets are aware of the problems they've suffered. For example, both Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray were limited and inconsequential during Game 2. They will need to step up and act like the superstars they are. The entire team will need to play inspired, energetic basketball if they hope to be back-to-back champions.
Denver fans are currently very worried by what they saw in Game 2 but they are hopeful that the reigning champions can turn things around on Friday night.