Top 4 of the event: Bronny James shocks everyone with an insane 40.5-inch vertical leap!

Tuesday, 14 May 2024 at 02:58
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During the NBA Draft Combine, Bronny James, the eldest son of the reigning legend LeBron James, recorded an impressive vertical leap: 40.5 inches. Genetics has done its job and although shorter in stature, Bronny James has inherited the spectacular leaping ability of his old man.
This Monday, different skill tests were conducted to measure the potential of the future stars that have been declared for the upcoming NBA Draft 2024.
Among the highlights, it was impossible not to pay attention to what Bronny James was going to show. Although at the time LeBron was drafted, these types of evaluations were not done, it would have been no surprise if the all-time leader in points scored broke some records.
In particular, there was always a question as to what his record in the vertical jump would have been. Today, thanks to Bronny's outstanding performance in this drill, we have a record of the skills that come with the James name.
There is no doubt about the physical condition of Bronny, who also had a solid performance with the long range shot: 19/25 from beyond the arc.
Bronny has not received the best of treatment for what was his performance at the University of South California. In 25 games played, James averaged 4.8 points and 2.8 rebounds. While his numbers aren't astonishing by any means, the physical skills and the shooters hand are there, and the knowledge of the game that LeBron can bring to the table make Bronny an interesting player to sign on June 26.