All-Star Weekend: The Top 10 best jams ever of the Slam Dunk Contest

Friday, 16 February 2024 at 19:00
jordan pippen bulls
We are finally here, starting today the NBA will be celebrating the 2024 All-Star weekend. This year the event returns to Indiana. From Friday to Sunday we'll be seeing a lot of action from the league's greatest players of the season.
Saturday always creates the most expectation among fans, since it is the night of the skills, three-pointers and dunks contests. Precisely, the dunk contest is the most mediatic event of the whole weekend, and even more so this 2024, because an NBA All Star will be competing. Jaylen Brown (Boston Celtics) will be participating. It's been a while since an All-Star appears in the slam dunk contest.
Joining the Celtics star will be Miami Heat's young Mexican-born rookie, who's making a splash with the Florida franchise, Jaime Jaquez Jr. A G-League player Mac McClung, last year's slam dunk contest winner, will be participating too. Finally Jacob Toppin, brother of Indiana Pacers player Obi Toppin.
In the mood with all the anticipation for an exciting dunk contest this year, we have decided to bring back the Top 10 of the best dunks in the history of the NBA All Star contest, launched by ESPN just a year ago.
This ranking could not miss several of the most memorable dunks in history, such as Michael Jordan jumping from the free throw line, as Julius Erving did, or Vince Carter's in 2000, Aaron Gordon's in 2016, the presence of Spud Webb, the winner of the lowest dunk contest in NBA history, Gerald Green... Don't miss the video! Enjoy!