Expensive mistake: The NBA fines Victor Wembanyama for ball-throw

Monday, 01 April 2024 at 22:44
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San Antonio Spurs' candidate for Rookie of the Year received the news that the NBA fined him for tossing the ball to the fans in an exuberant victory reaction in the end of the game won by San Antonio last Friday against the Knicks.
Wembanyama had a career performance in his short but already pretty filled resume for his first year playing in the best league in the world. The first pick of the 2023 NBA Draft finished with 40 points, 20 rebounds and 7 assists in San Antonio's impressive overtime win over the New York Knicks.
Wemby throwed the ball into the stands after the exhausting duel concluded, filled with joy due to the outstanding victory. The Spurs have been one the worst teams in the league this season, and an a statement win over one of the Eastern Conference' top teams was surely viewed as a significative milestone worthy of such celebration.
The talented french player is averaging 23 points, 12.4 rebounds and 3.2 blocks in his last five games played. He's on his way to secure the Rookie of the Year award and thanks to his phenomenal performances so far, he's igniting all kinds of comparisons with other legendary players and their first steps in their careers.
The Spurs will be facing the Golden State Warriors this Sunday in what's expected to be another exciting game to watch. With the Dubs urgency and San Antonio having won three in a row now, it must see TV.