Ja Morant & Allen Iverson: "That's unreal!"

Friday, 12 January 2024 at 03:00
ja morant grizzlies
The resemblance is astonishing. Allen Iverson and Ja Morant are two of the most talented basketball players the NBA has ever seen. This short mix tape mashup between them shows just how crazy skilled they both are. Insane handles, quick first steps and pure craft finishing at the rim. “The eye test says ya, it’s Ja,” Iverson said.
It's true; Ja is a few inches taller and a few pounds heavier, which allows him to absorb contact and take flight with ease for those vicious dunks, as we can appreciate everytime he puts the Grizzlies uniform. In addition to that, he has incredible court vision and an absurd vertical jump.
Allen Iverson is often called "the greatest player of all time, pound to pound" and there's a reason for it: he was ruthless attacking the basket, even against taller or heavier players like Shaquille O'Neal or Tim Duncan. AI was never scared, he gave his 110 % all season long. His handles were on another level, and his speed was unmatched.
They also share some awkward similarities too; both have had their fair share of drama off the court, which made them be seen as risks in terms of building a team around them. They even look similar!
Probably what's really unique about them is their personal seal; they've polished the art of "streetball" and brought that to the league.
“The attitude, the ‘if it’s me against you it’s me.’ The way his teammates feel about him... The greatest feeling that I had as a player was my teammates feeling like if they had me with them, then we could beat anybody… And I feel like that’s how Ja’s squad, that’s how they feel about him — we got him, we can beat anybody.”
While comparisons between players and ages will never stop, we need to acknowledge these kind of players that always make us smile and grab our heads with their slick moves.