Kobe Bryant's gifted 2000 Los Angeles Lakers NBA Championship Ring, sold by his father, fetches record $927,000

Tuesday, 02 April 2024 at 22:30
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A piece of basketball history garnered a staggering $927,000 at auction over the weekend as a ring from the Los Angeles Lakers' 2000 NBA title found a new owner. What makes this sale particularly noteworthy is that this ring wasn't just any championship ring; it was a gift from NBA legend Kobe Bryant to his father, Joe "Jellybean" Bryant.
The highly anticipated auction, featuring 43 bids, unfolded on the collectibles marketplace Goldin. Ultimately, it resulted in the highest price ever paid for an NBA championship ring, marking a momentous occasion for sports memorabilia collectors and basketball enthusiasts alike.
Kobe Bryant's gesture of gifting his father with a piece of his own success adds an extra layer of significance to this championship ring. The 2000 NBA title marked Kobe's first of five championships, making this ring a unique and cherished memento of a pivotal moment in his legendary career.
The ring itself is an exact replica of the one Kobe received, bearing the inscription "BRYANT" on one side and boasting identical specifications in terms of sizing (11½), weight (59.6 grams), and etchings. Its authenticity is further underscored by a letter provided by the Bryants, confirming its provenance.
Originally consigned to Goldin in 2013 by Pam and Joe Bryant, the ring fetched $173,000 at that time. However, this weekend's auction saw a substantial increase in its value, as the 2013 buyer consigned it for sale once again.
While the $927,000 price tag sets a new benchmark for NBA championship rings, it falls short of the overall record for sports championship rings. That distinction still belongs to the $2.09 million achieved by Charlie Sheen for Babe Ruth's 1927 World Series title ring.