Scottie Pippen reacts to his son's bucket against LeBron James

Sunday, 14 April 2024 at 04:00
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The Memphis Grizzlies kept things incredibly close during their game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night. Although LeBron James and the Lakers were able to pull out a victory, the Grizzlies pulled ahead a few times and made Los Angeles very nervous.
There was one moment of the game when all Grizzlies fans were on their feet. Scottie Pippen, Jr., a rising star who is trying to make a name for himself with the Grizzlies, was able to move past LeBron and make an easy bucket. James attempted to block Pippen with his signature chase-down block, but he came up short.
Following Pippen's bucket, his father, Scottie Pippen, was seen in the stands, clearly very impressed by what his son accomplished against such an iconic player.
The father was all smiles witnessing such a terrific play by his son.
Pippen Jr. was undrafted in the 2022 NBA Draft but then signed a two-way deal with LeBron and the Lakers. He spent most of his time playing for the team's G League affiliate South Bay Lakers. Then, in October 2023, he was waived by the Lakers and signed a new two-way deal with the Grizzlies.
Memphis has been destroyed by injuries all season long. While that has hurt their place in the standings, it has given some untested, unproven stars like Pippen the chance to shine even brighter, especially after they completely fell out of playoff contention. Friday night was a prime example of that, as the Grizzlies team was filled with lesser-known stars, who were still able to give the Lakers a run for their money.