Did the NBA accidentally leak the "script" for Lakers-Pelicans game?

Friday, 19 April 2024 at 02:00
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A few days ago, the Los Angeles Lakers and New Orleans Pelicans met for their Play-In Tournament game, battling each other for the seventh seed in the Western Conference. In the end, the Lakers beat the Pelicans and will now face off against the Nuggets in the opening round of the playoffs.
But did the NBA accidentally leak its plans for the game?
Jovan Buha tweeted a rather bizarre image from TNT that aired before the game. A graphic, projected on screens during the pregame, featured the words "Darvin Ham Ejected." After Buha's tweet, some people thought that meant the league was preparing to eject the Lakers head coach during the game.
However, the truth is that this was simply the graphics team working on the game testing to make sure there weren't any problems. If Ham would have actually gotten ejected, that would have raised a lot of eyebrows. But the game went on without issue and Ham was not ejected, putting this rumor to rest.
Instead of being ejected, Ham was able to lead his team to a win over the Pelicans and now they are preparing to face off agains the reigning champions. Game 1 of the NBA playoffs kick off this Saturday.