The top scorers of the NBA Play-In Tournament

Friday, 19 April 2024 at 03:00
young snyder hawks
The NBA Play-In Tournament is almost over for another year, giving teams a chance to earn their way into the playoffs. Already, the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers have found victory in the games.
The Play-In is a young tournament but there have been a few stars who have shined brightly during the competition. Here are the top-five leading scorers of the Play-In Tournament.
Brandon Ingram
The New Orleans Pelicans star has scored 98 points during the Play-In, including 11 during his 25 minutes against the Lakers the other night. He has typically been a strong star during the Play-In, although some fans feel he came up short the other night. 
Stephen Curry
The Golden State Warriors star has also posted 98 points during his Play-In games, although this year his output wasn't enough as the Warriors fell short and are now out of the playoffs entirely.
CJ McCollum
McCollum has played in the Play-In for two different teams and has racked up 103 points during that time. He scored 29 points for the Trail Blazers during their Play-In game and also averaged 25.5 points for the Pelicans.
Jonas Valanciunas
Valanciunas has earned 104 points during his Play-In games, helping the Pelicans during their multiple games. Altogether, the big man has been in seven Play-In games.
Trae Young
Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks is the king of the Play-In, scoring 109 points during his multiple appearances in the tournament, including 22 points during Atlanta's loss to the Chicago Bulls.
Sadly, his team fell short again this year and lost on Wednesday night, meaning they are now out of playoff contention once again.