Grant Williams, Lester Quinones scuffle grabs headline Golden State Warriors down Charlotte Hornets

Saturday, 24 February 2024 at 12:00
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Grant Williams and Lester Quinones' scuffle was the main talking point as the Golden State Warriors defeated the Charlotte Hornets in a low-scoring encounter.
The Warriors won the contest with a score of 97-84 at the Chase Center in San Francisco on Friday. In the closing stages of the match, Williams and Quinones were involved in a scuffle as the latter was taking a shot because there was a second difference between the shot and the game clock. On the other hand, Williams was called for goaltending.
After the incident, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr stated that he had no idea why the Hornets players were upset towards the end of the match.
"I've always told, for 10 years, I've told our team if there's a shot clock differential, you keep playing," he said. "To me the game tells you to keep playing. We've always done it that way. Nobody's ever been offended.
“They were pressing the last few minutes, you still play the game. As soon as there's no shot clock differential, then you sit on the ball and you let the clock run out but if there's a differential, I think guys should always keep playing and to me, it's very strange why that would be offensive to anybody.
"I've never understood why that would be offensive and as I said, nobody's ever been upset with us in the past for doing that. Why take a turnover? Why? You know, the clock says keep playing? You keep playing and that shouldn't offend anybody."